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29-May-00 Frame Preparation Part 1

Project33's Frame Takes a Trip

ImageThe frame made the journey to Harrisburg SD in the back of the Dodge Durango with ease. I seat belted it in not so much to hold in place but to keep it from exiting the front windshield on a sudden stop and taking my head with it. A 1933 Ford frame is only about 45 inches wide in the widest spot. The length of this frame from end to end is just 12 feet. Two guys can handle it with ease as it weighs less than 200 lbs. - and it fits in the back of a Durango. (hey Dodge, I'm available for commercials) ;)
ImageKen Jump of Ken's Auto was kind enough to rent me the large stall - pictured here with the open door. This area is connected to his main shop. Gee, I wonder if this will be enough room.
ImageKen and I unloaded the frame and carefully set it against a wall until I could get back to the shop and set it up on some saw horses.
ImageSharing the room with the frame will be a couple of Ken's cars. Pictured here is his sharp 57 Chevy wagon. He told me to feel free to move them as needed...hehe... he didn't say how far. ;)
ImageThe day I dropped off the frame Ken had just purchased this pretty pearl white 56 hardtop.
ImageI was able to make it back to work on the frame a couple days later. Ken, being the street rodder that he is, had already lowered the front of the 56, added polished Americans, and mounted the front bumper so it was straight - something Chevy never got right from the start. Now I'm seriously starting to hope these cars are in the way and need to be moved every time I work here! Maybe I'll pick up the wife and kids - as I'm moving one - and take them along. :)