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05-Jun-00 700-R4 Non-Electronic Transmission Part 1

We're in gear now!

Project33's 700-R4 transmission is ready to go. This is a non-electronic lockup (yes, totally electronics free) 4-speed automatic with Corvette servos, a B&M shift kit, and a powder-coated case. Though I was not able to follow the build-up step-by-step because it's TOP SECRET (just kidding) I was still able to gather some hopefully interesting and useful information to pass along to you.
ImageOne of the keys to building a dependable 700-R4 transmission is to start with the right year core. It's wise to use a 1989 and newer core. This transmission case has been powder coated silver for a nice looking, easy to clean unit.
ImageThe first part of building the transmission is to clean everything and bead blast as necessary. All the gear sets are inspected and replaced or repaired if necessary. Once everything is deemed perfect it's just a matter of assembling the transmission. Pictured here is your typical “Transmission on a table”.
ImageAssembly starts at the rear of the transmission with the output shaft and gear sets. New bushings are inserted all the way through the transmission and everything is set including the gear sets for tolerances. New bearings are also installed during assembly.
ImageOnce the back half of the transmission is in place the towers are built with new internal seals, all new clutch plates and friction plates. The pump is then assembled. Valves are checked (regulator and lock-up) and the pump is built with new vane guides and oversized pump bushings. New seals and spring retainer are also installed in the pump. Once the pump is done the transmission is loaded from the front.