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Gread Frames!
31-Oct-99 Engine building begins!

Here's what's in the plans...

The engine is being built by Sehr Performance Machine The objective is to build a very reliable, high horsepower, blown streetable engine.

We will start with a 350- 4-bolt block with very little core shift. In case you're like me, and have never heard of "core shift", I'll talk about it in the next article.
The block will be completely race prepped. We will use a 5140 steel 3.750" stroke crankshaft for two reasons, one- this will give it the reliability, and two- it will allow us to internally balance the engine. The connecting rod used will be a 4340 5.7" H-beam rod that is lightened so the engine will have decent throttle response.
The piston of choice is Keith Black, which offers a dished piston to accommodate the blower application. We will achieve an 8.2:1 compression ratio, which will be good for a blown street engine. Compression will increase with boost. The cylinder heads we will be using are Brodix Track1 aluminum. With minor porting, these heads will provide us with 272 CFM on the intake and 219 CFM on the exhaust, at .500 valve lift. These heads feature 2.08/1.60" valve combination and have a 215 cc intake runner. This head will work great with the high flow on the exhaust and very favorable flow on the intake. With a blown motor high flow on the exhaust is very important since the intake is pressurized.
When picking a camshaft, it's very important to know the RPM range you will be using the engine at and to make sure the cam works with the cylinder heads. In this application, we will use a hydraulic blower grind.
In looking for a cam, we want good low to mid range power. Competition Cams has the cam we need. It's a .464"/.464" lift and has a 222/226 degree duration at .050". The total duration is 268/276 degrees and should provide us with a good ramp, and good power and torque. This cam is ground on a 114 degree lobe separation.
We will be using Clevite 77 Bearings, Sealed Power Plasma Moly Rings (special blower combination) ARP Bolts & Studs, Fel Pro Gaskets, Roller Rockers, etc. etc. Many more articles to come!