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Gread Frames!
03-Nov-99 Rebuilding a GMC 6-71 Blower Part 6

It's Almost Finished!

ImageClearance is checked between the leading edge of the drive rotor and the trailing edge of the driven rotor. This should ideally be around .008". You will want to check front and back and all three rotor sets. Ours fell right at .007” which is very acceptable. This spacing could be adjusted by removing the gears and adding or subtracting shims as needed. A setting of .007" will work good and give us the ability to limp home without using the blower if we ever need to, but of course that will never happen...right? Any closer tolerances and your pressing your luck. If a bearing gets a little loose or anything expands a little too much.... not a pretty picture!
ImageThe drive coupling is then installed and torqued. We are now ready for the front cover. The blower should turn easily by hand now if everything is assembled correctly. If it binds a little, make sure your bearings are all properly set in the covers.
ImageThe front cover gasket is our first paper gasket so far. Slide it in place.
ImageNow slide the front cover on. COOL! It's a blower! It's now starting to look finished. When you see one of these sitting on a bench it's hard to picture it fitting on a small block Chevy motor. It looks huge!
ImageI forgot to pick up 5/16" x 3 ½" bolts for the front cover so we stuck it together by hand with a couple old bolts and sat back admiring our work and swapping street rod stories. That's all part of the fun! We'll get back together in a few days and continue where we left off... both on the blower and with the stories.