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PPG Auto Refinish
09-Mar-01 Steering Column Mounting Part 2

Tunnel Vision

ImageYou can get an idea of the finished look from this photo. There will be a recessed area under the dash for the A/C vents and controls. This recessed area will be behind the column mount and about 3-inches from the front of the dash.
ImageThe next area to concentrate on is the transmission tunnel and toe board area. Because the engine has a 3-inch setback the tunnel needs to be widened. I cut the unit that came from Outlaw right down the center.
ImageThese shots show it in the "before" condition. The bottom is pretty and the top is functional. Having this removable panel makes installing the body or working on the transmission linkage and lines much easier than some systems I've seen. Good thinking Outlaw!
ImageI didn't want to get the shop messy so I took advantage of our beautiful weather and did my cutting outside, behind the shop. Some people might think 38-degrees is cold but after the miserable sub-zero snow-covered winter we've had, it feels downright warm! I think we set a record for the longest continuous snow cover this year. Just north of us in Huron, SD they've had over 80-inches of snow!
ImageOnce the unit was in 2 pieces it was test fit (multiple times) and excess material was removed to get each side to fit correctly.
ImageEach half was positioned so that there was adequate clearance with the transmission. I left a 1/2-inch gap wherever I could. The tightest clearance will be by the transmission dip stick and cooling lines where it's a little less than 1/2-inch.