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10-Nov-99 Rebuilding a GMC 6-71 Blower Part 7

Front Cover is Installed

ImageI picked up some 5/16 x 3 ½” stainless bolts for the front cover and were back at it. We want to put a nice bead of gasket sealer down first before we use the paper gasket.
ImageSlide the paper gasket in place and lay another bead of gasket sealer on the front cover.
ImageEverrett pre-installed the cover plate with the site glass. He tapped it just deep enough to get a good set and then checked it to make sure it wouldn't rub on the gear behind it. The bolts were treated with thread dope and a bead of gasket sealer was used along with the paper gasket. Pipe dope was also used on the sight glass to prevent leaking.
ImageUse washers under the cover bolts and torque them with care. The idler pulley bracket mounts in four of these holes. The red “pop-off” button on the top of the front cover is used to relieve pressure from the seals and to check them. The newer type seals on the market usually don't have problems, but the button is kind of cool and nostalgic. We will also use this hole to put the 80-90 synthetic gear lube in (half way full, about 1 quart).
ImageThe front drive pulley assembly is put on using just the paper gasket and no gasket sealer.
ImageGuide it on the shaft and position it with the flat edge towards the sight glass cover.