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13-Mar-01 Steering Column Mounting Part 6

Finishing the Transmission Cover

ImageWhat could be better than having a huge auto parts store directly across the street from your shop? How about having a brother that works the counter? After the bike shop closed my brother Reade (the drag racer) found employment at his favorite hangout. Can you say family discount? ;)
ImageThis is a huge, well-stocked store, with a PPG refinishing center. (Yeah!) I picked up some cream hardener and a can of black high-fill primer and walked back home to work on the car.
ImageThe car is progressing slower than originally planned (as always), but everything is working out and fitting together great! Part of the hold up is that I'm hesitant to dive in headfirst and do anything without thinking it through and looking at all the options. There's nothing worse than doing things over a second (or third) time to get them right.

I love days like this when I leave the garage and feel really good about what's been accomplished, even though it may not seem like much to the casual observer. Building a car from "scratch" is really just a bunch of small projects that are part of a larger package.

Here you see the transmission cover after applying a coat of body filler to the center area where it was widened, the bottom edges and the "extra" holes around the column mount.
ImageThe free-formed style of this piece required some tedious hand sanding to get it straight. Those of you who are married are reminded to make sure to blow the dust off your clothing with compressed air before entering the house after sanding body filler.
ImageTa-dah! It turned out great. I'm starting to really like working with fiberglass. It's so forgiving and can be incredibly strong. This panel isn't perfect yet -as in ready to paint. There's some sanding scratches and a couple small pits but we'll catch those small details when we finish the body.
ImageThe topside of the panel is finished in fiberglass mat to match the rest of the interior. The piece seems to weigh a little more than it once did.