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13-Mar-01 Steering Column Mounting Part 7

Planning and positioning

ImageHere's a close-up of the new column-mounting flange.
ImageNow that the brake and steering have been positioned, I'll need to concentrate on the throttle pedal. As you can see there's not much room. The brake pedal pad will take up about 3-inches of space directly to the right of the column. Not much room will be left between the transmission tunnel and the right edge of a brake pedal pad. I'm leaning toward the spoon type gas pedal as being the best option for the space. They do have a clean retro look to them.
ImageThis is how the engine side of the panel looks. I couldn't be happier with the clean look. I was planing on mounting the Flaming River column mount on this side of the floor. I thought about trimming the brake pedal side of the mount and even adding a built in nylon roller for the brake arm to ride against, but there was one final obstacle...
ImageThe aluminum Flaming River steering shaft comes with a long splined area that can be cut to length. In this application I am able to cut all the extra spined area off except the first 7/8-inch. This will give me a nice clean look because there will be no exposed spines. I intend to polish the shaft before final assembly.
ImageUnless I want to order a shorter shaft and have some exposed spines (not the end of the world) the location of the bottom of the steering column is set. I can't push it into the engine compartment any further. This is fine with me. I'm all arms and legs and like my seat all the way back. The steering wheel won't be such a reach this way. The only "problem" this caused me is that if I wanted to use the Flaming River column mount, the ball part of it covered the end of the column and over lapped it. I was forced to make a priorities call and the column mount was canceled.
ImageI haven't bothered to line up the U-joints correctly yet since I'll have it back apart soon. I'll cover how to position U-joints in a future article. I'll also talk more about the cool Flaming River extruded aluminum U-joints and steering shaft.