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13-Mar-01 Steering Column Mounting Part 9

Pinch me!

ImageThis straight-on view shows just how close the hole is for the brake arm. I didn't put the brake arm in yet because I can't tighten the floor in place. Since I don't have the new 6 1/2" drop yet, the column mount is 1/2-inch too high. The floor panel is so stiff that the tail end sits 1/4" off the floor! When I get the new drop I'll anchor everything in place and really test it. I need to install the header gaskets before I tighten the panel in place also, just in case they take make a difference on the final header-to-steering shaft clearance. If they do, I may have to slide the panel a little to change the gap. I've guessed on the gasket thickness up until now and I hope it's right.
It's staring to look more like a real car now with the steering in place. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realize this is real.