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10-Nov-99 Rebuilding a GMC 6-71 Blower Part 8

The Blower is Finished!

ImageAgain we pipe dope the threads of this also. These holes go directly through the front cover and are subject to leaks if not properly sealed.
ImageWe needed to remove the drive pulley from the hub in order to get to the bolts.
ImageWith the drive pulley off it's easy to get at the bolts to torque them down. This drive is from BDS, and it's a pretty hefty unit.
ImageInside the pulley there's 2 spacers. We will have to play with these as well as the spacers for the idler pulley a little later to get the belts set right. I'll cover belt alignment when we get that far along. For now we left them in. Different length bolts will be needed if we remove one.
ImageHere it is! Just add oil, pop it on the manifold, bolt on the fuel injection, and we're rockin! (well almost ;)
We enlisted the help of BDS (Blower Drive Service) to tell us what size pulleys we needed to achieve the desired boost with the motor were building (8 lbs.). BDS knows their stuff and it sure beats guessing. Friends have warned me that the constant whine of a blower can be annoying on long trips, but I have three daughters, so I'm used to constant whining on long trips. :)