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11-Aug-01 Installing a Master Cylinder Access Door Part 1

What Lies Beneath

ImageTo make life little easier I decided to buy a stainless-steel master cylinder access door from Yogi's Inc. I know what you're thinking - "why didn't you just make one?" The answer to that is "time is money".
ImageThis is a cool little door from Rock Valley that measures 5 x 8-inches. It uses a piano hinge and a simple latch system. Since it's made of stainless steel, it should stay looking nice even through road salt and snow in the winter and mud from off-roading. Of course if the car never sees any of this it will still keep it from rusting when washing the underside of the car ;)
ImageThis is a pretty straightforward job. There are really only 2 things to consider. The first being the location of the master cylinder, and the second whether there's anything in the way before you cut. To make sure I was lined up with the center of the master cylinder I first drilled hole where I thought the approximate center would be. (Careful not to drill too deep!)
ImageI used a flashlight and peeked under the floor to see how close to center I was.
ImageThrough the hole I was able to eyeball location of the door. When I had the door where thought it should be I reached my hand under the car and felt for any obstacles before deciding on the final location. I ended up moving the opening about 1/4-inch farther right because of the body bracing under the floor.