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11-Aug-01 Installing a Master Cylinder Access Door Part 2

The Door in the Floor

ImageMasking tape was used to mark off the area. A hole was drilled in each corner. I wrapped tape around the bit to make sure it wouldn't accidentally go too deep. These holes do 2 things - they create nice rounded corners and provide starting holes for the saber saw.
ImageI carefully cut between the holes as straight as possible. When the body is off the frame I'll block sand the opening to make sure it's nice and straight. This door will not be permanently mounted until final assembly of the car. Aluminum pop rivets with washers will hold it in place unless I can find a similar system that looks nicer from the underside of the car.
ImageThe opening sits slightly more to the right of the master cylinder allowing easier access to the fittings. Now I can replace that leaking master cylinder one of these days. I've been putting it off because I hate doing things twice!
ImageFor those that think my garage is always clean, look again! If I didn't have to clean the garage every time I worked on the car, take pictures, and write articles afterward, I could be driving it right now ;)
ImageThis was a fast and easy project thanks to Rock Valley and Yogi's Inc. So here it is... the door in the floor !