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20-Aug-01 Quick-Change Cover Construction Part 5

Campsite Rodding!

ImageFriday 8/17/01
With only two weekends before school starts, we decided to go camping. It was kind of a “now or never” thing since we haven't camped all summer. If we stayed home I intended to update the web site so... I took the laptop camping and wrote this article from the screen porch of our tent! Ah, the life. The girls drove into Ponca Nebraska for supplies (Teen Magazine, and more bug spray) and left me behind to type away.
ImageTo start things off I'll show you Project33's new Optima battery. The one I originally bought for the project was bad (wouldn't take a charge) and was replaced under warranty. The new one has both top and side posts so it's a little wider at the top than the last one. This means I'll have to install it with the side posts to the front of the car to make it fit. No big deal, but the decal will be upside-down.

The Spiralcell design of the Optima Battery, with its individually wound cells virtually eliminates vibration and its absorbed electrolyte (gel cell) eliminates all leaks or danger of explosion. The Optima is a sealed, zero maintenance battery that outperforms virtually every other battery on the market. An excellent choice for a street rod (or any car).
ImageAs tightly as the new battery fits into the new holder, I've decided it's probably best to glass the new piece to the floor with the battery in place - to make sure I don't screw up and position the box wrong.
ImageI measured from the edge of the box to each side of the trunk to be certain it was centered.
ImageThe outer edge of the box was marked off with masking tape. The hole in the trunk floor won't be perfectly square. The outer edges of the box require a slightly curved cut.
ImageOnce the tape was in place, the box was removed and a cut line was marked approximately 1/4-inch inside the tape line. Again, the under side of this box will be finished later when the body is off the frame. The cuts were made with a saber saw and Dremel tool as before.