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20-Aug-01 Quick-Change Cover Construction Part 6

Wild Weekend

ImageWhen the opening was the proper size and shape, I placed the box (with the battery in it) back in the trunk and prepared the surface of the box and trunk floor to be glassed. I used an angle grinder to rough them up to assure a good bond. A plastic tarp was placed over the rear end and duct tape was used to cover any gaps that the resin could drip through.
ImageStrips of fiberglass cloth were cut and the box was glassed to the trunk floor in the same manner as before. It is now nice and solid but in need of several additional coats.
ImageThis was as far as I got before I ran out of fiberglass resin. I've now gone through 1-gallon of resin since the begining of the project. Once I pick up some more resin and hardener, it won't take long to finish this part of the project. I'm anxious to get started on something else.

I also ordered a bunch of parts this week and asked a lot of questions. I really value the opinions of fellow rodders and knowledgeable vendors. With the goal of finishing the car before next year's Nationals, I've made a list of work to be done to the car (in order) as well as a list of parts I know I'll need or components that will need to be custom made by someone else.

Well, the girls are back to the campsite and I'm finished with this article. Time to roast some marshmallows over the campfire!

Side note:
Friday afternoon the girls arrived back at the campsite with news that while I was writing the article above, the town of Jackson, NE (9 miles south of our campgrounds) was hit by a tornado. Fortunately no one was killed but there were a few minor injuries and it took out a major portion of this little town of 230 people. Back at the campsite the sun was out and the weather couldn't have been nicer. Maybe we should have slowed down a bit when we drove through the town earlier. It seems we may have whipped up some turbulence! Sorry.
ImageRemember when I wrote about the Durango getting rear-ended at a stop sign, causing $3000 in damage?

Back when we were moving I was waiting in line to exit a grocery store parking lot. The guy in front of me decided he couldn't make it after pulling onto the street and backed up in a panic - smashing the front of the Durango! ($750 in damages) He of course had no insurance, vehicle registration or driver's license. No tickets were issued because it was on private property and I was stuck with the bill to repair our vehicle - though he says he will pay me back. The moral to this story - avoid parking lots!

While we were camping this weekend a kid on a bicycle lost control and smashed into the driver's side! He's OK but the Durango suffered another $200 in damages. In every one of these accidents the Durango was stopped or parked. I can't believe our luck sometimes! Maybe we should trade it off before it's totally destroyed. This photo depicts the necessity of an electrical outlet when camping with young ladies. How else are you going to run the blow drier and curling iron? :)

Saturday 8/18/01
After spending a night sleeping on the ground my family of females were ready for something different - shopping. We packed up camp and drove a couple hours further south to Omaha, NE, where they stocked up on school clothes at Old Navy and we headed back home - to sleep in our beds.
ImageSunday 8/19/01 Sunday morning we set out for a family reunion an hour and a half north of us at my cousin Colin's place. Colin and his family live on his grandfather's old farmstead. When we were kids we'd play out back in a couple old Model A's that sat in the grove. They're still there! The 2-door (1931?) sedan has been tipped on its side for the last 20 years.
ImageThe Model A roadster dump truck is a 1928. I'm not sure what it started life as but it definitely has character! When we were kids Colin promised me half ownership in the old dump truck. This weekend I asked him if he was going to stand true to his word some 35 years later. He said that if I take it home and build a street rod out of it I could still be half owner. Humm… I'll have to think about that one Colin :)

Monday 8/20/01
I'm back to work (and tired of driving!) uploading this article to the web during a late lunch break. Maybe this week will be a little less hectic. I've got a car to build!