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26-Aug-01 Quick-Change Cover Construction Part 7

The Cover is Finally Finished! - (on top)

It's finally finished! The quick-change cover has been molded in place and fiberglassed to the same thickness as the rest of the trunk (roughly ΒΌ-inch). Adding the final layers of cloth was a time-consuming job. Tuesday morning I picked up another gallon of fiberglass resin. There's a large auto parts warehouse nearby so I went there first. Their price for gallon of resin was $67! A quick trip across town to the place I usually buy from saved me $37. I suppose I don't need to tell you where I'll continue shopping - what a difference in price.
ImageWednesday morning I was faced with a database structure dilemma at work. I've found that sometimes the best thing to do when you're baffled is to just walk away and do something else. Working in the garage with the lights on and the doors open at night is an open invitation to every bug in America so I decided to trade my day for night and work on the car in the morning and spend the evening at work. It was nice working in the daylight and being able to have the doors open to keep the fumes down.

I'd under anticipated the amount of time it would take to finish this job. I laid fiberglass for over 3 hours straight and used about half of the gallon of resin I'd just purchased. I'm thrilled its finished (at least on the top) so I can get on to other areas of the car. The mindless work gave me enough time to contemplate my database problem and come up with a viable solution, so it turned out to be a very efficient use of my time. I may have to trade my days for nights more often.
ImageFortunately the battery still fits! I sprayed some flat black paint over the new area to blend it into the existing trunk floor and called it good. I'll add the dzus fasteners later after I make a cover plate.

For those of you eagle-eyes who spotted the masking tape and are wondering what that's all about... check out the next article :)