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31-Aug-01 Installing a Rolled Rear Pan Part 2

Pan Handling

ImageHaving the panel in two smaller pieces also makes it a lot easier to work with. I made a small cardboard template that fit the curvature of the body. The end goal is to make this panel fit perfectly to the body with a small curved seam between the two. Wish me luck!
ImageWith the side pieces cut and the panels temporarily taped in place, we can see that a fair amount of work will need to be done to make the body reveals flow smoothly into the panel. The neat part is that it's only plastic! A little kitty hair body putty and some creative grinding and sanding should do the trick.
ImageI'm still not sure if I should leave a small inward jog between the body and the rolled pan as shown here, or extend the panel to the edge of the body.
ImageA notch had to be cut out for the quick-change center section. This won't be the last cutting of this area though - it's only the start. This photo shows the gap down the center of the panel.
ImageIt may not be very visible in this photo but the outer lip on the right side of the rolled pan is quite a bit thicker than the left side. This causes it to stick out past the body. One of the first things I'll do will be to sand the inside of this lip to make it the same thickness as the body. This will also narrow the gap down the center.
ImageThis last shot will give you a glimpse of what the pan should look like. It will really finish off the rear of the car. The center of the rolled pan is going to contain jumper terminals and a battery disconnect switch. They will be in a small "box" that will be the same width as the battery. The sides of the pan will be flanked by '37 Ford taillights that will be slightly sunken into the panel. More on this later!

Oh yeah, that's the new hood and hood sides sitting in the box next to the car. The radiator and hood mounting hardware are in front of it. I took them down recently from their storage place. Looks like inch by inch we're getting closer to hanging the front sheet metal – but lets not rush it ;)

I don't expect to get much done this weekend! It's our annual Siouxland Streetrodder's Labor Day rod run. If you're in the neighborhood, stop by the fair grounds - it's a great time!