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12-Sep-01 Project33 is 2 years old today!

A Mournful Birthday

Today is a National day of mourning after the tragic terrorist attacks in America. Today also marks the end of the 2nd year of construction of Project33. A lot has happened in that time span with the car, the world and also in my personal life. I apologize if I've shared too much of the later instead of the project.
ImageIt was hard to work yesterday because I was glued to the news in a state of shock and disbelief. Today I'm just plain angry. I decided to take a break from work and box up the exhaust to ship to HPC.

As I was using my box cutter (the weapon of choice for hijackers these days?) I couldn't help but think about how to curtail future hijackings. My mechanical nature led me to a simple solution and I wondered why it wasn't implemented long ago. Why don't airplanes have a bulkhead between the cockpit and cabin? A simple, strong, locking bulkhead (with proper pressurization and decompression engineering) may have been enough of a deterrent to keep this devastation from happening. Of course I'm no aviation engineer – I'm just a street rodder from South Dakota.
ImageOne more thing while I'm venting… what's with the idiots who volunteer for these suicide missions? Isn't it funny that the leaders of these groups never volunteer for their own missions? Evidently their cause isn't worth *their* life, but they expect their followers to believe it's worth theirs. Obviously the followers can't be too bright.
ImageEnough of that, back to the car –
Looking at a photo taken a year ago we can see that even though it's still far from finished, it's come a long way in a year. Hopefully next year we'll be looking at a completed car.