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19-Sep-01 Installing a Rolled Rear Pan Part 3

Car Therapy - in Chronological Order

A couple articles back I mentioned that I was thinking about saving up articles until an area was finished and submit them altogether. I've decided not to do that after careful consideration and an enlightening e-mail from a regular visitor to the site. In his e-mail he mentioned that unless I continue to post the articles as I work on the car, it will be impossible to follow the sequence of assembly. Besides, every car magazine publishes complete articles on various parts of a car but to skip around from project to project takes talent! :)

Another reason to publish articles in the order that the work is done is because it's really hard to write an article a week or two after you've completed the work. I suppose I could write the articles as they happen and stockpile them for a future date, but I'm not that organized or ambitious.
ImageI've stated many times throughout the site that I am not a body man, so once again I intend to prove it. As I pointed out in the last article on the rolled pan, the right side's outer lip was thicker than the body.
ImageTo cure this I simply sanded the inner edge until it was the proper thickness.
ImageThe two halves were put back on the car with masking tape and a layer of duct tape was applied to the outside of the center seam. Pieces of fiberglass cloth were applied to the back (top) of the rolled pan while it was taped in place (easier said than done). I was able to get at it by lying in the car and working through the hole in the trunk floor with a flashlight. *Remember, fiberglass resin doesn't stick to duct tape.
ImageAfter it dried I removed the pan and inspected my work. Oops! Looks like I missed a spot but that area will be cut out and removed later. It's only to temporarily hold the pieces together in their proper position.
ImageThe strength of just two small pieces of fiberglass cloth across the center is incredible! Here you can see how rigid it already is.