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19-Sep-01 Installing a Rolled Rear Pan Part 4

Work Continues

ImageThis is the "box" that will be added to the center of the rolled pan. Once again, this is more 1/8 inch masonite. At this rate by the time the car is finished it will be 99-percent masonite! :)
ImageMultiple scores were used to help round the outer corners of the box. The template was folded and taped in place using masking tape.
ImageThe cutout in the rolled pan was made wider and deeper to fit the new box. This photo shows the box ready to be glassed in place.
ImageBefore glassing the box in place I installed it once more to make sure the vertical (back) surface of the box looks right.
ImageThe box will be nicely molded into the rear pan and will contain battery jumper terminals and a Flaming River "Big Switch" master battery disconnect switch. It should give the rear of the car a very racy and businesslike attitude. The master disconnect is also a good safety feature!
ImageThe area around the box was roughed up and a layer of fiberglass cloth was applied while the pan was in place on the car. If it was removed and glassed off the car, it could end up warped and not fit the car correctly.

The masking tape will be forever entombed under layers of fiberglass. Before we start mounting the switch and jumper terminals I want to sink the taillights into the pan and finish the outside to the primer stage. You'll be seeing a lot more of this part of the project in the near future!