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24-Sep-01 Mounting the Rear Taillights Part2

Making a Real Impression

ImageThe pieces were temporarily taped in place before bonding them to the underside of the rolled pan. With the duct tape left in place to hold it, I carefully bonded the front and back of the piece with kitty hair filler. When it was dry the tape was removed and a coat of filler was applied to the area where the tape had been.
ImageThe topside looks like this with the alien space egg now bonded permanently in place.
ImageOn the outside, duct tape was placed around the opening so excess body filler wouldn't stick to the finished surface
ImageThe tail light housing was once again covered with aluminum foil. At this point we only needed to have the portion of the tail light housing that will be tucked inside the rolled pan covered in foil.
ImageThe cavity was partially filled with standard lightweight body filler.
ImageThe foil wrapped taillight was immediately pressed in place -sploosh! :)