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24-Sep-01 Mounting the Rear Taillights Part3

Body Filler Fun

ImageExcess body filler was carefully removed around the taillight housing and it was left in place until the filler set up.
ImageBefore the filler set completely hard, the taillight was removed. A utility knife blade was used to remove the excess body filler along the edge.
ImageWith the duct tape removed our tail light recess looks like this.
ImageA thin layer of spot putty was used to fill in the imperfections and small crevasses left by the aluminum foil. It was hand sanded smooth after it dried.
ImageHere we see a taillight set in place. They fit “like a glove”!
ImageBoth sides were checked to make sure the taillights were even and straight. Mounting holes were drilled and it was time to see how it looks on the car!