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24-Sep-01 Mounting the Rear Taillights Part4

Virtual Envisioning & Sticking with the Plan

ImageTo be honest, when I first saw the taillights on the car I wasn't sure I liked them. I thought they looked a little "bug-eyed" and maybe stuck out a little too far. Spellchecker Bob and I e-mailed each other back and forth for a day discussing the options. If I move the lights farther back, I won't have room for the retractable license plate.
ImageAfter citing several examples of taillights mounted in a similar location, including the lights on Bobby Alloway's `33 Trackstar that's featured in this month's (November 2001) Street Rodder magazine, Bob convinced me that maybe I wasn't that far off track.
ImageHe figured the unfinished car and green masking tape were throwing off our perspective, so we decided to finish the car (Virtually) to see what the taillights will look like.
Using the photo above (and a little digital magic) we get a sneak peak of what's to come. After looking at the car for a few days both in the garage and in virtual reality, I'm warming up to them. I've decided to leave them in this location as originally planned. This also gives you (and me) an idea of how the battery disconnect box and jumper terminals will look when finished. So, what do you think?