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05-Oct-01 Planning the Seating

Tea's for two

ImageTea's Design sent a Pro 93 seat to mock up the mounts and to measure for a center console and shifter location. In my preliminary measurements it looks as if I'll be able to have a 2-inch wide console! ;)

These cars are really narrow but as far as legroom goes, it'll be like riding in a limo. This seat was one of their display seats at all the events this year. I'm not sure if it was my constant begging or the fact that I'm friends with Tom Ashton from Tea's (as well as his web designer), but they were kind enough to loan me this one for while since the show season is over. I doubt they do this for everyone - I know I wouldn't - but I'm thrilled that they did. To make sure it stays nice until I return it, I'm keeping it wrapped in plastic. The final seats will be the same model - covered with black leather.

They also sent a piece of black leather to cover the dashboard. It's gorgeous! Amazingly, that little piece of leather makes the whole garage smell heavenly. I can't wait to ride in the completed car. If it turns out as planned, it should be a treat to all the senses.
ImageWith a seat I can plan the shifter location. This is a B&M Hammer shifter (shown without the cover). You'll be seeing more about the shifter and setting it up later. Right now I'm not sure what I'm doing so it's a good excuse to sit for hours in the car planning (and dreaming). These days if anyone in our family can't find me they know the first place to check is in the street rod. I try to hold the engine sounds to a minimum when their home. :)