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John Vernon's conceptual magic!
13-Dec-01 Installing the Fuel Door Part 2

Holey Quarter Panels!

ImageThe large hole was carefully cut using the pilot hole as center and taking care to guide the saw straight.
ImageThe hole was a success but what a mess! White powder everywhere – the garage looked like a government mailroom. Time to get R2D2 (my shop vac) out and vacuum up the mess!
ImageAs expected I clipped the corner of the trunk hinge brace. It will be cut back a little further later.
ImageHere's a shot of the underside. As you can see, space is limited.
ImageDo you recognize this piece of fiberglass? It's the piece I cut out of the trunk floor. I've saved (and moved) every piece I've removed from the car for occasions such as this. The curvature of this piece matches the curve of the quarter panel quite nicely.
ImageThe next step was to make the big “donut” piece that will be laminated to the underside of the quarter panel. The filler neck will rest inside this piece. The center hole of the donut was cut first.