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13-Dec-01 Installing the Fuel Door Part 3

Glazed Donuts

ImageIt was checked with the filler neck to make sure it fit before cutting the outer edge of the donut.
ImageHere's the donut when completed. Nothing fancy.
ImageA Dremel tool with a cutting wheel was used to lop off another ½-inch from the hinge brace and then an angle grinder was used to rough up the glass for a good bond.
ImageWhen the donut was tweaked to perfection, it looked like this. The cutout on the side is to clear the brace and the bottom edge has been cut back to clear the curvature of the quarter panel. These modifications allow the piece to fit tight against the body for a better bond.
ImageI used a little sand paper and removed the sharp edge of the hole while I could easily reach inside. If the "donut" was bonded in place it would be a little tougher to do.
ImageYour probably already familiar with this product. It's Vette Panel Adhesive or “Corvette Adhesive” as some call it. It's a fiberglass-bonding agent that's similar to a runny body filler. It's somewhat thick but will flow from the can in a “glopular” fashion like Heinz Catsup. (Spellchecker Bob will have fun with glopular ;)