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13-Dec-01 Installing the Fuel Door Part 4

Multipurpose Tools

ImageAdhesive was spread thickly on the bonding surface of the donut. The guy in the newspaper was keeping a watchful eye on the progress :)
ImageThe donut was installed and clamped. The excess adhesive was removed with a piece of cardboard.
ImageExcess adhesive below deck was smoothed into the quarter panel and it was allowed to dry.
ImageWhile it was drying I hooked a lineout cord to the laptop so I could play MP3's over the shop stereo (a real necessity :) A laptop is a requirement for programming the EFI. Christopher Columbus previously owned this relic. He brought it over on the Mayflower but managed to keep it dry so it still does the job. It doesn't take much of a computer to program your EFI.
ImageTo make the mounting surface of the filler neck flat I took the same hole saw and mounted it upside-down (teeth up) with some sand paper taped to the bottom side of it.
ImageIt flattened the area quickly and didn't disturb the edge of the opening but it did require more vacuuming. I'm going to glass over the donut from the underside of the quarter panel to give it extra support at a later date.