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15-Dec-01 Mounting the Fuel Tank Part 1

Building Fuel Tank Mounts

ImageNow that the filler neck is in the body it's time to mount the tank so we can calculate the exact location for the new neck on the tank. The floor of the car slopes beneath the tank. There's a 2- ¾-inch gap at the front of the tank when it's in position. The line on the floor is the approximate location of the bulkhead between the interior and the trunk – straight below the rear window.
ImageA quick trip to the nearest “Farm/Home” store (that's an AG hardware store for you city folk) and $3.79 provided the 36” long, 1-1/4-inch wide piece of steel to make the supports.
ImageThe steel was cut into two 18-inch long pieces and bent in the vice.
ImageIt only took a couple test fits on the first piece to get it to fit right. The second piece was then formed identical to the first.
ImageHere's one of the mounts positioned for a trial fit.
ImageIt's time to take the tank back out so that the mounts can be glassed to the body. I'm going to drill the mounting holes for the tank after the filler neck is installed and I've trial fit the tank's neck to the filler neck in the body. I figure I can't screw up that way.