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15-Dec-01 Mounting the Fuel Tank Part 2

The Suspense is Mounting

ImageJust in time! A plate of white chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven was delivered to the garage – you should have been there! ;)
ImageAreas to be scuffed up before fiber glassing were marked and I took down some measurements so I could set the mounts in the same place after the marks are ground off.
ImageI'm not sure if this is Kosher or not but I figured since I had this $20 quart of Vette Adhesive laying around I might as well use it, so I scuffed up the metal pieces and glued them to the floor before covering them with several layers of fiberglass.
ImageAfter the adhesive dried a batch of fiberglass resin was mixed up. The foil liner is a tip I picked up from Spellchecker Bob. It makes a cheap disposable pan liner.
ImageSeveral layers of glass cloth and then a couple final layers of glass mat were applied over the “legs” of the mounts.

Gee… I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoy working with fiberglass. ;)
ImageIt was time to get out of the garage and get some fresh air and more cookies! Here's a parting shot of the mounts. The gap under the tank will probably come in handy for running wires or something in the future. In a car this small, you can't afford to waste any space.