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24-Nov-99 Installing the Front Axel part 4

The Axle and Radius Rods are Set

ImageUsing extreme care to keep the angles right, the ¾” holes were center punched and then drilled all the way through both sides of the frame rail.
ImageTo keep the tube from falling through into the frame I inserted a file to guide it and then tapped it in place with a hammer and punch.
ImageHere's the tube in place and ready to weld.
ImageOnce the tube was welded I did a little “creative grinding” to make sure the angle was correct for the radius rods. The rear edge of the tube is flush with the frame and the front sticks out a bit. These will be filled and smoothed before we paint the frame. Hopefully they will look “factory” when finished.
ImageNow for the trial fit. I'm not sure if you can see it in this picture, but the angles fit like a glove. I'm going to put a washer on both sides of the rod.
ImageAll that's left to do is order the 2” longer bolts and a couple more chrome washers. I think I'll use button head allen bolts to keep the look smooth. They will be tightened from the backside.

Looking good so far. Next we'll mount the spindles and tie rod, panhard bar and mounts, and shock mounts. Some interesting things are planned for the mounts and panhard bar.