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06-Dec-99 Installing the Front Axel part 5

Kingpin Installation

ImageThe kingpin bearings don't come pre-greased, so you want to be sure to pre-pack them before installing them. This is the first drop axle front-end I've ever worked on. Hopefully I'll do this right, but remember don't take anything you read here as the only (or correct for that matter) way to do thingsā€¦ it's just my way.
ImageI threw a little 100% synthetic, Teflon-fortified grease in the kingpin holes. I figure it can't hurt. This is not the normal automotive grease you find most places. It's great stuff and is readily available at the bicycle shop that this car is being built in.
ImageWe also lubed a couple of the thin spacer washers that come with the kit. There was just enough room for 2 of them. They are placed on the top of the axle.
ImageThe kingpin bushings were also pre-lubed before assembly. I made sure they were super clean before assembly. I'd hate to have a piece of metal shaving score a bushing.
ImageThe bearing rests on the bottom with the opening facing down. The bearing is then able to be somewhat greased from the lower grease zerk.
ImageThe spindles were then slid into place and the kingpin installed making sure to pay attention to the flat area of the pin to make sure it's inserted properly. Extreme care was taken when tapping the kingpins in place. These pins have a chrome cap that can come off or get ruined if the mallet blows are too severe or not applied straight on.