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12-Feb-02 Installing the Fuel Filler Neck Part 1

Just a little necking :)

ImageBefore mounting the tank to the filler neck it needs to be mounted to the body. In an effort to distribute the load more evenly through the fiberglass, I decided it would be better to use a mounting ring on the underside of the body instead of individual washers. That plan was later modified into four plates, each bridging 2 bolts.
ImageI had an old scrap of tempered aluminum lying around so I used it to fabricate the washers. The filler neck gasket was useful in laying out the pattern.
ImageAll four pieces were drawn out and rough-cut with a reciprocating saw. The pieces were then stacked together in a vice and ground to the same shape with an angle grinder
ImageI didn't spend a lot of time making these pretty. As long as they do the job, that's all that matters because no one will see them once they're installed.
ImageThe Harley-Davidson Buell motorcycle cap was positioned on top of the custom filler neck that Rock Valley made and marked for drilling.
ImageThe filler neck was then placed in an open vice (and not tightened!) so the outer edge could rest on the jaws to give support when center punching the holes.