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12-Feb-02 Installing the Fuel Filler Neck Part 2

What you don’t see…

ImageThe holes in the filler neck as well as the ones we'll drill in the body, are slightly larger than the holes in the filler cap. This is so we'll have a little room for error.
ImageThe filler neck was placed in the body in preparation for drilling. Care was taken to make sure that the cap would end up mounted in the right position - with the latch running 90 degrees to the body
ImageI used the filler neck as a drill guide. After drilling the first and second holes, I dropped bolts in the holes to hold the neck in place while I drilled the other holes.
ImageWhile I was doing all this I made sure the tank was capped with a rag and pushed out of the way of any falling debris. Of course this is just common sense.

Now here's the part I'm not going to show you… after screwing the neck in place for a trial fit, I noticed that the flathead allen bolts I was using were not seating flush in the cap. The problem is that the fiberglass thickness is inconsistent around the opening causing the bolts to tip because of the bridging washers. Before I proceed I'm going to have to build up the area under the body so that the opening is the same thickness all the way around. I'm also going to order some half-inch longer bolts to make the job easier, so if John from MMS is reading this, you can expect another call :)

Those of you who are regulars here probably noticed there hasn't been much activity on the car lately. Don't worry I haven't given up! There's just been a lot of other stuff eating up my time lately. I'll have to tell you all about it in the February progress editorial – when I get a chance to write it.