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24-Mar-02 Finishing the Fuel Door Part 1

Finishing the Fuel Door – Finally!

Some projects involved in building the car are more interesting than others. That's what building a car from “scratch” is – it's a bunch of small projects that all make up one big project. Some are really exciting and others, like this one, will probably leave you wondering why you follow this project – but I vowed to show you everything.

Today's project was to finish up that fuel filler cap problem. Because of inconsistencies in the thickness of the fiberglass under the body where the filler neck mounting bolts are, the bolts wouldn't lay flat in the cap. I'm not even going to show you a photo – it's too embarrassing. It looked like crap.
ImageTo fix the problem, I used a scrap of stiff cardboard (in this case it was a piece of picture matting) to provide a relatively flat surface.
ImageThe matting was cut into a half-eaten donut shape with a center hole sized to fit the filler neck.
ImageI mixed up a batch of body filler and smeared it on the donut. The gooey, dripping, bondo-coated donut was then taped in place to dry. The filler neck was slid out before the filler started to dry and washed with solvent. The thickness of the hole was checked to make sure the cardboard donut was positioned parallel to the mounting surface of the filler neck.
ImageAs you can see, there was a gap to be filled almost all the way around the hole after the filler neck was removed. Body filler was pushed into the cavity until it exited the holes and left to dry.
ImageThe thickness of the filler location now measures 5/8-inch thick.