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30-Mar-02 Installing the Front Clip Part 2

Mocking things up

ImageGood bicycle repair stands like this one have rubber-coated jaws that are infinitely adjustable to grasp from any angle and can be set to gently hold something or grab it like there's no tomorrow. I think we'll choose to gently hold the hood.
ImageAs you can see in this photo when the hood is laid across the cowl without any cowl lacing (a rubber seal about 3/8-inch thick) it doesn't lineup at all.
ImageI'll have to use something better for consistent spacing when I actually mount the hood but for now a few of these rubber spacers from my collection of bicycle computer shims will do the trick.
ImageWith stacks of spacers in strategic locations the hood is starting to lineup with the top of the cowl.
ImageThe reveal on the body now lines up with the reveal on the hood.
ImageHere's a shot of my little buddy holding the hood.