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30-Mar-02 Installing the Front Clip Part 3

Lining things up

ImageI held up a hood side to see how it lined up. At this point everything is just being done by eye.
ImageTo see how the hood is lining up with the bodylines, I ran a piece of tape to use as a guide.
ImageAt this point I brought out the inner fender wells. I originally purchased steel ones and after seeing the amount of work needed to fill all the holes and make them look good, I decided to order a set of glass ones. Well, after all that, I'm still going to use the steel ones. As you can tell the exhaust sits extremely close to the inner fender well so steel is the best choice. The steel ones also look like steel. The mounting flange along the bottom is much thinner than the glass piece.

The opening in the hood side will be directly above the area that's so close to the exhaust. I'm hoping the opening will allow things to stay cool in that area and keep the paint from discoloring or bubbling. Until I get the inner fender wells in their final location I won't know exactly how much room I'll have between the panel and the exhaust. I don't think there'll be enough room to use a piece of heat dissipating insulation.
Image The inner fender well is temporarily held in place by piece of duct tape. You can see how close the headlights are to this piece. My idea is to put a rubber grommet in each piece for the wires to pass into the headlight. The two rubber grommets will touch each other to make a seal. They should also keep the headlight from rattling against the inner fender well. The grommets hopefully won't be visible when you look at the car.
Image The mounting holes on the inner fender well aren't even close to lining up. The rear of the piece needs to be modified to follow the body. Once they are tight the mounting holes should lineup.
ImageI guess I forgot to tell you that before I did this I removed the fuel injection. Now with the hood resting in place I slid the injector hat (without the injector plate) in place so I could draw the location of the hat under the hood. As you can see in this photo, if I didn't have the 1 ¼ -inch tall injector plate, the hat would clear the hood. As it is the injector hat will only stick out about 1 inch. That means if I give myself ½-inch clearance around the injector hat, the hood scoop will only be about 1 ½-inches high. Right on target!