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09-Apr-02 The Mockup Seat is Returned

The Mockup Seat is Returned

ImageTom and Charlie from Tea's Design were gracious enough to lend me their display Pro93 seat to use for a while to mock things up. The show season is about to start so they need it back.

During lunch today I boxed it back up and shipped it out. If you visit their booth at any event this year, you can view this historical seat in person :)

Picture this in black leather. RRR!
ImageI though I was so smart! I knew the seat would be going back some day so I kept the box and packing that it came with. When it came time to box it up I grabbed the box from its storage place in my workroom and headed for the garage. I remember thinking how together I was to plan ahead and save everything but as I started to place the seat in the box my bubble was burst. Why didn't I pay attention to how it came out of the box? Like any kid with a new toy, I'd excitedly snatched it out of the box without thinking and was now paying the price. I finally got it to fit back in but it took long enough that by the time I got back from UPS it was too late to eat. Oh well.
ImageSince the final mounting points are still undecided, I took some measurements. I carefully traced around the entire seat for future reference. This will come in handy when adding seat mounts to the roll cage I'm building. Yup, you read that right – I've decided to make the cage myself. The necessary tools have been ordered to do it right - and at a fraction of the cost of having it built by someone else. Of course it may take longer (maybe not) than having it “professionally” done but the car will never leave the garage. I also get to prove that any idiot can build his own chrome molly roll cage.
ImageTom was kind enough to let me keep the track assembly. I need the seats as low as possible so I hope to mount them on tabs at the bottom of the tubing, cradled between the two roll cage cross bars that hold the seats.
ImageAs you can see the tracks have a large cone-shaped spacer washer to keep the latch mechanism from binding on the mounting brace. I plan to devise a way to lay the track directly on the mounting brace. I need all the height I can get or my head will touch the headliner.
ImageMeasurements were recorded on a large piece of cardboard and it will be hidden safely away from my wife and children who would never understand its importance. Marriages have been saved by planning ahead in this way.

My chicken scratching…
Let's see… it's 11-1/2-inches C2C (Center to Center) by (x) 7-1/2-inches C2C where it mounts. The width is 20-inches at the widest part and B2B (Butt to Bottom) is 4-inches.

I worked on the car several hours on Sunday and successfully installed one brace. I just haven't found the time to sift through 40+ photos and write about it but that should happen soon. I was distracted that night by a SWAT team running through our neighborhood with rifles. “little men with guns behind the trees!” as my wife said :) From about 8pm that night until 5am, Police had a standoff with an armed man about a block away. There was no sleeping with all the megaphones blasting and the equipment humming. If the SWAT team's intention was to get me so sleep deprived that I'd become delirious and drag the guy out myself to get some peace and quiet – they came close. It's over and fortunately no one was hurt. Excitement follows us wherever we go :)