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10-Dec-99 The Body Arrives!

The Body Arrives!

ImageTalk about the excitement of a kid with a new toy, that's the way I felt seeing the truck with my body in it outside my bedroom window the morning it arrived. The Outlaw body was purchased through Yogi's Inc. and Yogi arranged some very affordable shipping to Sioux Falls. If you've never done business with Yogi, you're missing out. I purchased most of the parts for my last car through Yogi's and they have been a huge help on this project. Their knowledge, pricing, and genuine concern for their customer's satisfaction really shows… and their a great bunch too.
ImageI lined up 4 other guys to help unload it along with the driver and me. The first thing everyone mentioned as they viewed the body for the first time was "it comes painted?” That's what I like about an Outlaw body; it looks so straight and nice who needs paint?
ImageThe body hadn't been on the frame for more than two minutes and wheels were rolled in place. Now we have an idea of what the finished product will look like. The polished Halibrand rear end should look right at home peaking out under the rear.
ImageWe've got a long way to go as you can see, but setting the body in the frame has instantly made the car look like a car. It's not pictured here but the hood and hood sides have arrived as well as a new aluminum radiator from AFCO. I'll be showing this cool cooling component as soon as mock up of the hood and engine begins.
ImageNext we will begin mocking up the motor mounts, steering, rear frame modifications, and other crucial framework. Is it just me or does everyone sit in their car and make motor noises until their lips hurt? :) Varooom Varooom! (Harley guys go “potato - potato - potato – potato”) ;)