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21-May-02 Planning The Hood Openings Part 1

Projection Detection

ImageBefore I send the hood to SAR the location of the side openings and the size and location of the hood scoop need to be laid out.

An old sign painter's trick is to use a slide projector for your layout work. I've used this one in the past to paint a bicycle mural and signage for the bike shop. To figure out the placement of the side openings, I'll need to map out the location of the flames. I made a print of the 1st artist's rendering of Project33 to use as a “slide”. It's a straight side view so it should project wonderfully on the hood side. I've found that regular paper print outs work fine as temporary slides.
ImageThe projector is your run-of-the-mill thrift store special. I'm guessing it's a late fifties or early sixties unit. You can usually find them for a couple dollars or less. This one is a borrowed one, which makes it an even better deal! :)
ImageI reduced the image so the entire hood side fit in the “slide”. This metal frame came with the projector and I taped the paper to it to form a slide.
ImageWhite paper was taped to the hood side for drawing.
ImageThe projector was set up at the same level (on the step stool in the foreground). The red glow is from our neon “Raleigh Bicycles” sign. It's our garage night-light.
ImageThe image wasn't to scale so the flames didn't stretch the length of the hood sides like they're supposed to but it still gave me something to go by.

A black marker was used to trace the outline on the hood side. I drew the flames freehand to stretch them out.