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21-May-02 Planning The Hood Openings Part 2

It’s better with the lights on

ImageWhen the lights were turned back on, this is the way it looked. The flames still weren't long enough and the opening was too high but it was a good start.
ImageThe paper was peeled off the hood side and a new sheet was laid on top. The hood side outline was traced and cut. Then the new piece was positioned over the original with the opening in a lower position and traced/freehanded once again.

You can see the ¾ rendering of the car laying there as a reference. That's a headlight I'm tracing around to get a better circle for the cutout.
ImageThere, that's better! The flames aren't exactly as they will be but close enough to determine a good location for the opening. The front of the openings will have an outward flare (about 1-1/4 inch) that gradually tapers to flush at the rear of the opening. It will slightly mimic the bulges in the inner fender panels.

This template is ready to be rolled up and shipped to SAR with the hood. Now on to the scoop!
ImageTo decide on the location of the hood scoop I started by taking numerous measurements. I was able to determine that the BDS bug catcher scoop sits 3/16-inch closer to the driver's side of the car (at the hood). That's not enough to warrant making the scoop off center but its still interesting trivia.
ImageOnce again the injector plate was removed and the scoop was placed directly on the blower so I could close the hood and trace from the under-side.

One more interesting piece of trivia; Do you remember how there was about ¼-inch clearance above the scoop earlier when I last drew around it? Well, now I can hardly close the hood – it now touches the hood! How things change.
ImageTo gauge the height of the bug catcher scoop above the hood line, I relied on digital photography, computer graphics and a tape measure.

Photos were taken from the front and side using a tripod and digital camera. To set the camera up I used this reaming bit. For the front view it was placed on the line, positioned 90-degrees to how it is in this photo. The camera was positioned so you could just see the entire bit above the hood line. The photo shows it setup for the side shot with the bit lying dead center on the hood.