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21-May-02 Planning The Hood Openings Part 3

Digital Support

ImageThis photo is made up of 2 shots. One with the hood open and a tape measure placed in front of the scoop and a second shot of the hood closed. The 2 shots were layered to make this view. The BDS bug catcher scoop will stick up 1-5/8-inches above the hood line in the front. I think the new hood scoop should be about 2-inches tall. That will give us 1/2-inch clearance on all sides for engine movement.
ImageI was able to modify the front shot to show a proposed scoop arrangement for the hood top.
The side view gave me the opportunity to ghost the hood to show the engine through it. A proposed hood scoop was drawn in above it. I'd like to have the hood scoop formed to resemble the basic lines of a `69-70 Mustang “Shaker” hood scoop and the Boss 429 scoops of that era.
ImageHere's a rough sketch of the proposed hood scoop shape. It will extend approximately 2-inches above the hood top and taper into the hood at the back. The opening in the hood will be cut out from the tip of the leading ends of the scoop back to make a large enough cutout to allow a view of the bug catcher and for it to breath better.
ImageIn the case of the hood top, I drew the scoop directly on the hood and added notes and measurement points where necessary. Steve and his staff at SAR can modify this if necessary. This is just to give them points of reference.