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23-May-02 The Hood Scoop Design is Ready for Approval


Project33's hood has only been at Steve's Auto Restoration a couple days and their already working on it. I'm not used to this kind of efficiency!

We've been e-mailing information and photos back and forth. This is another example of how useful the Internet can be. Think of the expense of long distance phone calls and sending photos through the mail.

Last night Steve asked me what radius I'd like on the corners of the scoop so I emailed him this drawing. I also gave him free rein to form the overall shape of the scoop as he saw fit.

By lunchtime today I had an email with these photos asking for approval before they proceed. They've already created a foam form of the scoop to use as sort of a buck during the metal shaping of the hood itself.

All I can say at this point is WAY COOL!
I love the shape of the scoop - it's everything I'd ever imagined and more. I've mentioned that I may run without the hood sometimes but I highly doubt it now! :)
ImageSAR did a great job of emulating the general shape of a `69/70 Boss 429 scoop. It looks right at home on the `33 hood already.
ImageThe marker line signifies where the bug catcher scoop will fall in relationship to the hood scoop. There's a hood side in the background with the cutout area drawn out.
ImageI gave SAR the thumbs up to proceed (2 thumbs up!) and I'll keep you posted on their progress.