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12-Jun-02 Forming the Hood Side Openings Part 1

A chance to watch SAR in action!

If I had to think of another exemplifier to describe Steve's Auto Restoration (SAR) besides the obvious outstanding craftsmanship, it would have to be attention to detail. Working with SAR has been a most pleasurable experience. Steve kept me abreast of everything that was going on and there were no unpleasant surprises – only good ones! (I still can't believe the quick turnaround)

An overnight package just arrived from SAR containing a CD full of photos and text covering the hood modifications and it looks like Steve Frisbie can add writer to his resume. He did such a great job of writing captions for the photos that I'm going to use his unedited text for the following article. Just one more example of his attention to detail.

A few editors' comments are included from time to time ;)
Full time “in house” designer David Brost and sheet metal fabricator Ron Wagner inventory the project as soon as it hits SAR's doors. All parts are laid out and the instructions and drawings sent by Scooter are examined for clarity. Questions are forwarded to Scooter and answers are sent right back by way of email.
ImageIn this photo Ron is using the Eckold Kraftformer machine from Switzerland, and in the background is the Pullmax machine that will be used later with shrinking dies.
ImageWelding the hood side locating brackets on caused a slight bit of distortion in the hood side panel itself. We are putting the side panel into a machine called an Eckold Kraftformer. The dies in this machine shrink the “oil canned” portion of the sheet metal. This machine is manufactured in Switzerland and I went over there about 6 years ago to train on these machines and subsequently purchased one and had it shipped over here to Portland Oregon. I won't make fun of Scooter's welding, but the side brackets are strong enough to hook a tow chain onto and pull a semi truck with over the Great Rocky Mountain Divide out here in the west.

[ Okay Steve, you're starting to enter the “making fun my welding” gray area :) – Scooter ]
ImageUsing a paper pattern provided by Scooter, we laid out and drew the side opening configuration on the hood sides.