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12-Jun-02 Forming the Hood Side Openings Part 2

The hood sides are taking shape

ImageAn air operated shear is used to cut out the opening.
ImageThe edges are smoothed up with a die grinder and a cut off disc.
ImageThe same side opening shape is cut out on a 1 inch thick piece of hard composite board and the hood side is clamped to this piece of hard board. Note that this opening is bigger than the opening in the hood side itself. It is the size of the area where the hood side scoop starts to curve up off of the panel itself.
ImageA hand made forming tool made out of a piece of hard wood is used with a hammer to gently hammer and force the edges of the opening down into the void in the hard board base.
ImageOnce the basic shape is formed in the lip of the opening, the metal is “fine tuned” with a hammer and a dolly.
ImageThe metal is worked form the top and the bottom sides.