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12-Jun-02 Forming the Hood Side Openings Part 3

Automotive Metal sculpture 101

Image[ Steve didn't have a caption for this photo and I can't think of anything to add either – I'm speechless! - Scooter]
ImageA strip of metal about 3/16” wide is cut to the shape of the opening.
This strip will be welded on the very edge of the opening, from the inside of the hood side, to resemble a folded over edge.

[ You can download a full-size desktop wallpaper of this cool shot on the "Fun Stuff" page! – Scooter ]
This gives the opening a nice finished look with an edge twice as thick as the sheet metal itself. This also adds a lot of strength to the panel and discourages cracking from vibration later on down the line. A little trick here is to “finger wipe” a very slight bit of seam sealer on that inside edge of the flange right before priming. This will keep any kind of moisture from getting between the hood side itself and that 3/16” flange that was welded on. Moisture coming from wet sanding, rain (or in the case of South Dakota, snow), or washing the car after it is assembled and on the road can be eliminated this way.

[ This car see SNOW? I think not! :) - Scooter ]