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12-Jun-02 Forming the Hood Side Openings Part 4

Excellence - Inside and Out

ImageFrom this view you can see the 3/16” lip that was welded onto the inner area of the side scoop. That is the edge where you need to apply your small amount of seam sealer. The small irregularities are being cleaned up with a die grinder and a grinder disc.
ImageHere is a display of the hammers and the home made hard wood forming blocks used in the shaping of the scoop. Nothing expensive or fancy here either.
This is a close-up view of the backside of the opening and the lip around the edge.

[ WOW! - Scooter ]
A finished side panel is shown mocked up on the cowl of a stock 1933 Ford Cabriolet.

[ Thank you Steve and the staff of SAR for sharing these photos! – Scooter ]