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08-Oct-02 Work on the Roll Cage Continues Part 3

Getting cagey

ImageIn preparation for drilling the holes in our mounting plates, bolts were inserted into the body mounting holes and their center point was marked off on the floor. This was necessary because the holes in the floor have been elongated making it tough to find the center.
ImageThe plate was placed in the appropriate mounting position and marked using the lines on the floor as a guide.
ImageA step drill was used to drill the holes. I'll tell you, a guy could get lazy with a step drill - you never have to search for the right bit.
ImageQuite a bit of time was spent making sure that both hoops fit exactly the same and were positioned as close to the body as possible.
ImageA small notch was ground in each of the upper wooden braces to allow the cage to fit a little closer.
ImageThe sleeves of tubing at the bottom of each hoop were marked and removed for cutting. Surprisingly, the chrome molly tubing cuts easily with a reciprocating saw.