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08-Oct-02 Work on the Roll Cage Continues Part 4

No more duct tape!

ImageTo help hold the small sleeves in the vise and to keep them from being pinched, a scrap of 1-3/8 inch tubing was temporarily slid inside them.
ImageOh yeah! I'm getting more excited with each step of the way. This is a picture of the front right mount.
ImageTo keep the hoop from sliding down, a C-clamp was placed directly above the sleeves on the inner tube.
ImageAs you can see, the outer hoops have been raised to the limit! There's just enough room to place some padding to keep them from rubbing or squeaking.
ImageThe tubes were tack welded in place. I used three small welds to keep the tubing from moving before the final welding. My welder is a MIG and I would like to have the cage professionally TIG welded. These tacks will allow me to transport it to the welder without having to worry about it coming out of alignment. They may have to weld an area and then remove my welds to make it look right – we'll see.
ImageHere's a shot of that right front mount after it was welded. My welding is nothing to brag about but at least I don't have to worry about the hoop falling over again - the duct tape is history!