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23-Jan-00 Front Turn Signals Part 1

How to spend a lunch break.

ImageThis is how I spent my lunch the other day. I decided a nice clean way to mount the front turn signals would be to stealth in some in gear head LED lights. I picked up a pair through Yogi's Online.

Even though it only to about 45 minutes to do this, many hours of thought went into making sure this will work. I also plan to add custom head light mounts to top of the shock mounts to hold a pair of King Bee headlights. My goal is to keep the headlights low and everything as clean as possible but still remain easy to adjust and maintain. And… it will be cheap! ;)
ImageAfter laying out the lights and tracing the location on the first tower I checked it twice and then laid out the same exact pattern in reverse on the other tower. The Gearhead LED's are off center slightly so I needed to compensate for this.
ImageI used a caliper to measure the plastic lens.
ImageThis measurement was used to mark each side for the exact location of the lens. Next I held a 3/16 inch drill bit up to the markings and eyeballed the point I would need to drill at so that the bit would not cut past the marks I just made.
ImageI lightly tapped the metal with the center punch where I needed to drill.
ImageThis picture shows the 2 holes drilled and the marks were we need to cut between the holes.