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23-Jan-00 Front Turn Signals Part 2

And time for Taco Bell!

ImageAn inexpensive tool made from hardened steel was sacrificed to serve as a guide for my Dremel tool, though in the end it did not hurt the tool at all.
ImageI went through 3 cutting blades in this process. You need to be real careful when cutting the ends so you don't put a nick in the outer edge.
ImageHere is a view of the finished cut.
ImageThe lens was slid in place from the backside. A nice tight fit! It doesn't get any better than this... I'm just lucky.
ImageThere is room for the light to slide in from the bottom side of the shock tower. This will be all enclosed and sealed in the future. The light will be held in place by silicone seal and blocks mounted tightly behind the light box. Wires for the headlights will go down this canal also.
ImageOh good! There's a left and right. I could just see myself having one backward. These lenses stick out past the metal about 1/16 inch. They will be sanded down flush with the paint when the car is finished and will be clear coated over to make them appear seamless. Next I'll be forming the tops of the shock mounts into adjustable headlight mounts. Stay tuned, and wish me luck. By the way, I still had time for Taco Bell! :)