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Gread Frames!
07-Jul-03 Installing the Transmission Cooler Part 4

Cinching things down

ImageThe bolts were cleaned with compressed air and solvent to make sure we don't introduce any contaminants into the transmission fluid.
ImageTry as I may to get things right the first time, it doesn't always go as planned. I ordered the braided stainless lines with the ends pre-installed but screwed up and ordered them too long. I didn't have the fittings at the time and their location changed everything. No big deal however, as I gave Pure Choice another call and they sent out some new ends for me to install myself. These are just like the fittings I installed on the fuel lines [Article: Installing AN fittings from August 2002].
ImageHere are the new ends with the banjo fittings installed and ready to go.
ImageTo make sure the banjo fittings seal against the transmission fitting, I lightly sanded the powder painted finish off with 800-grit sandpaper and a sanding block. The transmission side of the washer was also coated with a light coat of gasket sealer.
The fittings were installed and they clear the floor of the body and transmission tunnel with room to spare!